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Who we are

Archerfish Insights is a specialist Toronto-based Talent Search and Placement company. We provide reliable placement outcomes for our clients by working with them as their HR business partners and providing them with high-quality, bespoke placement solutions.

We provide contract and permanent sales and marketing professionals for a diverse range of industries ranging from manufactured goods to specialty services to SaaS. We primarily focus on the SMB-space, assisting sub-$20M companies with their placement needs.

We started as a two-person operation in 2006, operating out of a coffee shop in downtown Toronto, and have grown into a team of over 40 professionals across Canada.

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How we work with you

Planning and Strategy: We work with you to define your ideal employee profile, research targeted industry professionals, generate candidate lists and oversee focused outreach and communications campaigns.

Demand Generation: We employ digital marketing and telephone outreach to generate awareness of your opportunity. A new candidate will have experienced your brand several times prior to entering the interview stages. We aim to engage in-demand candidates only.

Presentation Skills Assessment: All sales candidates are required to give a live presentation as part of the interview process. 

Human assessment of resumes: Our focus is not on the volume of applicants but on the quality and suitability of the candidates. All resumes will be reviewed and assessed by a specialist. In addition, we do not utilize quizzes and tests to pre-filter candidates. We work with you to create a bespoke interview track.

No-risk, no-surprise, fixed-fee billing with the option to contract the worker through us, reducing your internal HR burden.

Who we serve

We serve all businesses with plans for optimization and expansion. Our clients range from cloud-based startups to bricks-and-mortar companies with over fifty years of business success. We place new talent for boutique-sized businesses as well as support the needs of Fortune 500 enterprise companies. Our strength is the sub $20 million revenue segment or companies with less than 100 employees. 

Our success is based on activity consistency and force multiplication. We know we will be successful for you because supplementing our own efforts is a network of independent consultants and HR specialists across the country. Most of our successful placements never apply to job ads and are found and introduced through our network.

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Talking Business

What's with the name?

Archerfish Insights is a placement agency for sales and marketing professionals.

Ironically, the primary impediment to hiring success today is the volume of applicants and the time and effort to carefully vet each applicant. Artificial Intelligence and software are great but many of the best applicants are never found because they didn't know to optimize the content of their applications. The company was built to remove hiring blindspots by focusing on human relationships and interactions and seeing the person behind the resume and the business behind the job ad. Clients choose us because we take the same level of care they would if they did it themselves. 

And the name? The archerfish is a neat little fish that hunts by shooting a stream of water to knock bugs off branches on land. It learns to hunt where others don't through practice, persistence, and tenacity. We're inspired by this. It's how we work for our clients!

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